Inquisitor Garau Dead

25 April 2012

Quick update, killed the Inquisitor on our first night upstairs. Hoping to down the next few bosses and finish off HK! Great job everyone.

Grug Dead, Second Floor Incoming!

21 April 2012

After many frustrating test raids, we finally downed the big worm. Congratulations to everyone for persevering and putting Grug in his place. Knowing that we have legitimately cleared the first floor, we can now move onto the second floor with a renewed focus. Now, if only some Two-handers would drop so our warriors would stop complaining!

Hammerknell 7/11 - King and Estrode Down!

14 March 2012

As we continue on our romp through Hammerknell, the King/Prince duo have fallen to our intrepid heroes. Of course, shortly after Estrode (the loot pinata) dropper her candy for us as well. It was not long ago that we first ventured into the Fortress and as a guild we have made great strides. Naturally, good loot and good times help in that process and we hope both continue well into the future!

Zilas, Vlad, and Sicaron Dead!

8 February 2012

What a great run we have been having lately. After finally besting Zilas, we have quickly moved through Vlad and even Sicaron. I have to say, all of the fights are different and complex but we have done a wonderful job of working as a team. I would post a screenshot, but I forgot to take them. As our timer resets, we hope to put these first five bosses on farm mode and gear the guild up for the next level of Hammerknell. Great job guys and gals!

Matron Down, Zilas Next!

17 January 2012

I haven't updated this thing in awhile, so I figured I would at least report on our progress in Hammerknell. We have put the preggo Matron into the dirt and moved onto the fun and wacky Soulrender Zilas. Soon, we will be heading onto the second floor and putting our water resist sigils to the test. I will hopefully update the site more frequently as we move into the depths of HK, great job on continuing to progress everyone!

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