Inwar Darktide Bites the Dust

After a night of testing, we downed the big bad sissy known as Darktide. The fight is pretty different, fun, and somewhat long. Congrats to everyone for a job well done, let’s get into Akylios’ face and see what kind of legendaries he has for us.

Inquisitor Garau Dead

Quick update, killed the Inquisitor on our first night upstairs. Hoping to down the next few bosses and finish off HK! Great job everyone.

Grug Dead, Second Floor Incoming!

After many frustrating test raids, we finally downed the big worm. Congratulations to everyone for persevering and putting Grug in his place. Knowing that we have legitimately cleared the first floor, we can now move onto the second floor with a renewed focus. Now, if only some Two-handers would drop so our warriors would stop complaining!

Hammerknell 7/11 – King and Estrode Down!

As we continue on our romp through Hammerknell, the King/Prince duo have fallen to our intrepid heroes. Of course, shortly after Estrode (the loot pinata) dropper her candy for us as well. It was not long ago that we first ventured into the Fortress and as a guild we have made great strides. Naturally, good loot and good times help in that process and we hope both continue well into the future!

Zilas, Vlad, and Sicaron Dead!

What a great run we have been having lately. After finally besting Zilas, we have quickly moved through Vlad and even Sicaron. I have to say, all of the fights are different and complex but we have done a wonderful job of working as a team. I would post a screenshot, but I forgot to take them.

As our timer resets, we hope to put these first five bosses on farm mode and gear the guild up for the next level of Hammerknell. Great job guys and gals!

Matron Down, Zilas Next!

I haven’t updated this thing in awhile, so I figured I would at least report on our progress in Hammerknell. We have put the preggo Matron into the dirt and moved onto the fun and wacky Soulrender Zilas. Soon, we will be heading onto the second floor and putting our water resist sigils to the test. I will hopefully update the site more frequently as we move into the depths of HK, great job on continuing to progress everyone!

One Dead, Many To Go

We popped in for an evening visit to Hammerknell last night. We were met by Murdantix but he wasn’t in the mood for company because his favorite show, X Factor, was on. Since Slainte is a die-hard American Idol fan, we had to defend our reality TV show’s honor. He went down as quickly as myself while tanking and we moved into the rest of the zone. Not only does it look great, it is a lot of fun to take a bite out of new content. A tribute to our newly fallen friend, who we will proceed to farm the hell out of:

Alsbeth Dead, Next Stop Hammerknell!

Great job last night everyone! We have done amazing work learning new targets quickly. As of last night, Iniquity has cleared all of the Tier 1 raid bosses. Soon, we shall venture into Hammerknell and see just how far the power of the Dwarven Papacy can take us. Here is Alsbeth’s corpse being molested by a wolf:

One Dead Dragon

Lord Greenscale fell to our blades tonight after great work by everyone involved. It still feels good to kill a dragon, especially this one. Congrats to Slainte on an awesome bow! We have come a long way in a short time and I am proud to be a member of Iniquity. 187 Baby:

Drowned Halls, Done!

Drowned Halls is the new 10 man raid in RIFT and, I have to say, they did a pretty great job on the various encounters. Most of them are simple once you learn the mechanics, but the chaos of the fights is actually a lot of fun. We were able to down all of the bosses last night and got quite a few great pieces of loot. Congrats to those who got some loot and enjoyed themselves. The fights break down like this:

Assault Commander Jorb – All you really have to worry about here is his frontal attack.  He will regularly “call X to attention,” where X is one of the players. When he does this, the player will be pulled to him and rooted (and killed by the frontal). So, the tank simply turns the mob 90-120 degrees each time he/she sees the message calling a player to “attention.” Each melee needs to move in the same direction when the mob turns. There are a few things to cure/purge, but for the most part the turning mechanic is the only one to worry about.

Joloral Ragetide – For this lovely lady, keep her out of the water in the center. Pull her to a side and tank her there. A second tank needs to grab the add and pull it away from her to another area of the room. As the fight goes, small adds will pop and give her more dmg/heal her. You should be able to dps and heal through the add buffs, but if not then you can move the name around the circular room as each wave spawns. There will eventually be another big add that pops, which needs to be offtanked as well. When that second add pops, kill off the first one as he will get a buff. If the fight takes long enough, there will be a third big add as well.

Isskal – Welcome to Dance Dance Revolution, hurricane-style. You will need 3 people with interrupts on a rotation. You must interrupt Ice Shard or it will instantly kill the tank. You can simply call out each person in turn, but they have to be quick with the interrupt. Other than that, he has 2 stages (mechanics) to deal with. On the first one, a “toilet bowl” whirlpool will form and you must run in the direction of the current. While the current is going, little crab guys will spawn and snare people. You basically need to run and kill the crabs as you go. He will switch the current’s direction once, then go back to normal. The next mechanic is a set of 3 rings, think of Target (the store) and their symbol. One out of the three rings will be a safe place to stand, you will be able to see which is safe based on water graphics shooting out of the dangerous ones. Your entire raid must move to each ring in turn. The order is middle ring, outer ring, middle ring, center, middle ring, outer ring. After this, just kill him!

High Priestess Hydriss – A messy/chaotic fight and a long one, but it is very doable once the mechanics are worked out by the raid. The encounter starts out with 4 groups of adds (3 groups of 3 and 1 roamer) that you have to kill as she is walking down the stairs. I recommend pulling 2-3 groups at a time and AEing them down, they all have to be dead before she gets to the bottom and engages. Once down, she has a few different mechanics she will rotate. The first is a small dragon that spawns and runs to her. He will buff her dps and lower the dps of those around it. Let the dragon come to her then kill it quickly, then get back on her. The next mechanic is a set of hives that pop with lots of little adds with very little hps. Just kill the hives while AEing the little guys. Her last mechanic is an instant death spell she will start to cast. A bubble will form and 3 water elementals will pop and try to destroy the bubble. The dps should kill 2 of the elementals while someone pulls out the third/snares it so it doesn’t make it to the bubble. You must be under the bubble when her spell goes off to survive.

So, that is DH in a nutshell. Rather than some image or humor I figured I would post some strats for a change!